Thoughts from a Weaver’s Pond Homebuyer

When buying a home, it’s easy to get caught up in the house itself. To some degree, you may take a look at the neighborhood, but that doesn’t actually tell you what it’s like to buy a house there.

We spoke to one of our fantastic homebuyers to get his thoughts on Weaver’s Pond and what it was like to choose this neighborhood. William L. and his wife moved to the Pond in April 2016.

WP: So William, how did you hear about Weaver’s Pond?
William:We saw advertising on the highway and we were already looking at the Zebulon area. I work in East Raleigh and the Rocky Mount area, so Zebulon was already on the radar.

WP: What caught your eye about us?
William: The location of course, because of my work. But when we saw it we also liked the size of the lots, the ponds, the pool, stuff like that. And it’s convenient to Raleigh. The commute is an easy one with almost no traffic lights.

WP: Which floor plan did you choose?
William: We came up with our own. We’ve been looking at houses for two years, taking our time. We took a lot of what we had seen and what we liked and put all that together.

WP: Some people are nervous about having a home custom built. What did you think of the building process?
William: This is our second home; we built the first one, so for us the building process wasn’t bad at all. The main thing is to check on it regularly to make sure it’s coming along as you wanted. Not that people don’t try to do what you asked, but miscommunications do happen.

WP: What do you like about living in Weaver’s Pond?
William: We’ve got good neighbors, friendly. And we’re able to get out walk around and not worry about a lot of traffic. The pond is a nice area to walk around and the neighborhood is quiet, which we wanted.

WP: Would you recommend WP to people?
William: Yes, everything in here is good, feels like a great place. I would recommend it.

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