Three Easy Steps to Make Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Though it has been late in coming this year, the air has finally turned frosty. Visions of sugar plums have begun to dance in all of our heads, and it is time to focus on making our homes ready for the holiday festivities.

Whether you and your family are planning on having a large gathering or a simple, intimate get-together, having your home prepared can save you loads of stress this holiday season. We’ve compiled a list of three simple ways you can make your home ready for celebrations.

Make the Dining Room a Focal Point

The holidays are a time for joy and merriment, and much of that is had over family meals. To get into the mood, prep your dining area with a festive tablecloth and break out that special dinnerware. For extra pizazz, make sure to have a unique centerpiece like a mini Christmas tree or even fresh greenery wrapped around tall, Christmas-colored candles.

Emphasize Seating—and Plan for Extra Guests

For larger family gatherings, it is important to have seating arrangements for everyone. No one likes to be forced to stand while they munch on holiday treats or open presents, and lacking chairs can kill the mood. To prepare, bring in patio furniture, break out your stored folding chairs, and don’t be afraid to ask some of your guests to bring a chair or two. It’s always better to have more chairs than you need than to have too few.

Let Your Front Door Shine

Whether you like understated holiday spirit or over-the-top decorations, your front door area is often the first place to make your statement. Put a wreath on the door, set up a nativity set, wrap the door frame in garlands and Christmas lights, or get that holiday doormat out of your attic. Whatever direction you decide to go, make sure the front door and porch area is a preview to the rest of the house. You want your guests to get an idea of the decor inside your home rather than have disjointed outdoor and indoor decor.

Of course, there are countless ways to prepare yourself for the holidays. Play Christmas music, crank up your fireplace, hang stockings, and perform whatever traditions your family has built up over the years. Don’t have traditions? Start some now!

To learn about activities in the Zebulon area over the holidays, check out our Local Attractions page. If you need to get in touch with Weaver’s Pond builders, contact us here.

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