Make Your House Halloween Ready

Fall has fallen upon us in Zebulon, and the time for spooks and thrills is fast approaching. Halloween is right around the corner, and the age-old tradition of trick-or-treating is about to start. Read on for tips on how to make your house perfect for that special night in Weaver’s Pond.

Make a Path

Trick-or-treaters are often adorned in crazy costumes with loose-flowing robes that can easily snag objects. Even worse, many costumes involve masks that may make it more difficult for the kids to see clearly. Make an unobstructed path to your front door to avoid damage to your property or injuries to celebrants.

Use Lights; Not Candles

On Halloween, many kids stay out well past dark. Make sure that you have plenty of lights to illuminate the path to your door. Also, try not to use candles. Even though candles inside of pumpkins is a time-honored tradition, using real candles presents a fire hazard—especially when little ones are running around in loose-flowing costumes. If you do make a jack-o’-lantern, try using artificial candles instead.

Get Into the Mood With a Costume

Prepare for the evening with a costume. Not only will this help you get into the spirit of handing out candy to little ghosts and goblins, but it will help the kids get into the mood as well. While it isn’t necessary, it’s an added touch that most trick-or-treaters will appreciate.

Keep the Pets Away

You can’t predict all of the trick-or-treaters that you will receive on Halloween, and some of them may have severe reactions to animals. They may not be used to animals and may get frightened. While scares are part of Halloween, true fear can spoil the fun for the whole evening. It’s safer to keep your pets in a different area of the house for the night.

Overall, the key to preparing your house for Halloween is to keep the safety and enjoyment of trick-or-treaters in mind. Get into the spirit, enjoy the celebration, and have a blast! If you’re unsure about community standards for decorating or preparing for the holiday, contact Weaver’s Pond directly here.

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