The Raleigh Boom: What it Means for Your Home

Living in Weaver’s Pond, you are sure to have noticed the influx of people into the greater Raleigh area. Folks are moving here to take advantage of a steadily growing industry environment and desirable jobs. But what does this mean for the value of your property? Simply put, it means that your home in Weaver’s Pond is becoming more valuable.

Rising Prices

When many people move into a new region, demand for housing increases. This usually leads to a rise in rent prices, which has been the case in Raleigh recently. It also means that homes in Raleigh have increased in value, causing potential homeowners to start opting for homes nearby from which they can commute. As people flee from high rents and higher homeownership costs, the homes in the surrounding areas start to rise in value as well. Such is the case for homes in Weaver’s Pond.

The Value of a Small-Town Feel

Many people moving to the greater Raleigh area are doing so out of financial necessity. They’re pursuing good jobs that pay well, but they often want to live away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. This means that neighborhoods like Weaver’s Pond increase in value as newcomers look for pleasant areas to have that small-town life close to the city life of downtown Raleigh.

Zillow’s Predictions

According to the News and Observer, Zillow’s annual ranking of expected housing market values listed Raleigh as the second-highest city in America. This reflects the trends of recent years, in which homes in the greater Raleigh and Triangle area continually increase in value. Listed as a “hot” housing market on Zillow, the area’s homes have increased in value 5.7 percent in the past year and are expected to increase another 3.4 percent this year.

As you can see, homes like those in Weaver’s Pond are in high demand. We offer a unique blend of suburban, small-town feel while being close enough to the city to have access to all of the fun goings-on. If you’re looking for a new home in this hot market, check out the homes we have for sale.

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