3 Zebulon Attractions to Start Your Summer Off Right

When moving to Weaver’s Pond, you move into the thriving local community of Zebulon, NC. Since summer is officially about to kick off, we thought we’d provide you with a list of awesome attractions that can jumpstart your fun.

  • Artspace: Located only half an hour from Weaver’s Pond, this Raleigh art gallery is a perfect getaway for adults and kids of all ages. Celebrating innovation and creativity, the gallery will have incredible summer exhibitions from artists like Debbie Quick and Brett Morris that are sure to leave visitors in awe.
  • Carolina Mudcats: The local Single-A Minor League baseball team, the Carolina Mudcats are an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers and play in the renowned Five Counties stadium. Sitting atop this stadium is the delicious Cattails Restaurant, where baseball fans can partake in seasonal delicacies with a full bar. For parties and other celebratory gatherings, Cattails Restaurant also provides banquet dining experiences.
  • Zebulon Country Club: An excellent mini-vacation from the stress of daily life, the Zebulon Country Club is home to an 18-hole golf course that can provide an enjoyable challenge for most golfers. Open every day of the week, the Club has events for women as well as youth golfers, so the whole family can take time out to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful Zebulon weather. The nearly 6,000-yard course is set at a Par 72 and is suitable for golfers with varying levels of skill.

Zebulon has plenty of summer fun to offer Weaver’s Pond families, and this is just a small taste. A stroll through downtown can easily turn into a fun history lesson with a smattering of old-time buildings like the Zebulon Town Hall as well as family-owned stores on display. Local parks can also serve as excellent locales for picnics and fun frolics.

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