3 Homemaking Design Trends for 2018

Let’s face it: it’s hard to keep up with all the new trends in homemaking and design. With that in mind, we found 3 Homemaking Design Trends for 2018. If you’re looking to spice things up with your home decor, check out these ideas and see how they can integrate with your personal style.

Warmer Metal Accents 

Traditionally, silver has been used to provide focal accents. However, a trend toward gold and other warmer metals started in 2017 and shows no sign of stopping. Brass, copper, and rose gold are all becoming increasingly common for accent pieces, and the past year has seen a quadrupling of Pinterest sales for mixed metals. If this sunnier style suits you, just make sure not to let it overtake your design work. Gold and mixed metals should be the accent pieces, not the main course.

Unique Artwork

Even more popular, larger wall-based artwork saw nearly a 700 percent increase in Pinterest sales last year. The trend is to enhance your living space with art that says something. Don’t be afraid to really put your personality on display. It’s 2018, and folks are much more accepting than they have been in the past. Shop around the web and in local art galleries for pieces of art that break from the generic norms of old.


No, we didn’t fall on our keyboard. Hygge is a Danish word that refers to an area of familiarity, warmth, and comfort. The trend in 2018 homemaking is to emphasize these qualities to create your very own hygge environment. Of course, this is a personalized style and no two people will have exactly the same requirements to achieve hygge. Usually, homemakers tend to gravitate toward softer colors, plush and oversized furniture, or creamy pastels, but your hygge environment will be uniquely yours.

Before you can begin to try your hand at the new design trends, you’ll need a beautiful Weaver’s Pond home! Check out the houses that are currently up for sale on our sales page.

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