Sophisticated Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Nestled between decoration-heavy holidays Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving can be an overlooked opportunity for beautiful set pieces and decor design. That’s a shame because the transition between fall and winter offers numerous ideas for inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite decor concepts for this Thanksgiving month.

Emphasize the Natural

Thanksgiving is a holiday that was originally inducted with the purpose of celebrating the year’s harvest. Its connection to the Earth, the soil, and the natural elements runs deep. Reflect that in your decor choices. For example, create set pieces that use branches, driftwood, flowers, gourds, etc. Fruit bowls with shiny apples of all colors are also good ideas. The only caveat is that natural elements require more upkeep, so make sure you’re ready to put in the work. There’s nothing worse than inviting friends over and realizing the pumpkin that serves as your living room’s focal piece has started to rot!

White and Gold for the Dining Area

As a throwback or homage to traditional home decor, decorate your dining area with a focus on shades of white with gold highlights. White napkins and tablecloths, white plates with gold trim, faux-pumpkins spray-painted gold… The possibilities are endless. Keep the gold flourishes to a minimum to heighten the elegance and avoid looking too ostentatious.

Muted Centerpieces

For a bit of a change from the usual decor of the season, try muted colors for your floral centerpieces. Neutral tones like soft yellow, brown, and pale green mixed with darker shades offer a simple but beautiful alternative to the seemingly pervasive oranges, reds, and bright yellows of Autumn.

Have Fun With Your Placemats

Show your creative side and give guests the chance to engage in the spirit of the holiday by crafting some DIY placemats. One idea: use a sheet of brown paper, cut to the appropriate size, and encourage your guests to make lists of the five things they are most grateful for this year. Another option: practice your calligraphy and make special nameplates for your family and friends.

We hope this Thanksgiving season is full of joy and plenty of things that inspire gratitude. If you have questions about Weaver’s Pond, contact our office here.

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