How to Have the Spookiest Haunted House on the Block

The season of spooks is here, and we are here to help you create the best haunted house on your block. Of course, make sure you stay within community guidelines and are respectful of neighbors. The best haunted houses provide terror without being inconsiderate to others in the neighborhood. Let us know what you think about these ideas, or how you plan on spending the holiday, in the comments below!

“Upcycle” Your Scares

You don’t have to break your bank account to get the best screams out of trick or treaters. Often, the best scares come from ordinary items reimagined in terrifying ways. If your child has old dolls they don’t play with anymore, try making a craft time where you and your kids slather on spooky paint to make the dolls look old or broken. Or, replace stuffed animals’ eyes with red or glowing versions. Re-using old toys can give an authentic feel to your haunt while still evoking the strange, unsettling sensation of nostalgic items turned spooky.

Prepare the Path

Some haunted houses are all outside, with mazes created in the front or back yard. Others take trick or treaters on a tour through various rooms inside the home. You should develop a clear plan before deciding to create your haunt, including mapping out the specific path you want your haunt-goers to take and doing the math on how much time you’ll need to prepare. Ideally, you should start preparing props, cordoning off the haunt path, and decorating at least several weeks before you plan on opening your doors.

Orient Around a Theme

Themes are the lifeblood of a good haunt. Instead of just throwing all of your scary ideas into your haunt, try to keep them related to some overarching idea. For example, maybe you want to present your haunted house like an insane asylum. Another common idea is a deranged hospital or a home infested with ghosts. Whatever you decide, having that focal point can help you plan scares that play off each other and build the terror and excitement. Of course, please make sure that you plan scares that are age-appropriate for your audience, and inform haunt-goers of the ages for which you plan your haunt. That way, everyone can have fun!


For many, making a haunted house is a beloved tradition. If your family designs a haunted house, let us know about it in the comments! For any questions or information on Weaver’s Pond, contact our office here.

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