Interior Design Ideas for Fall

Now that Summer is gone, the days of pumpkin spice latte and crisp apple cider are fast approaching. With that in mind, we sought out the top fall interior design ideas to create that perfect autumn atmosphere in and around your home.

Memphis Design

A trend that has caught fire this year is the Memphis Design style. Marked by the presence of geometric shapes and primary colors as main focal points, the style faintly echoes the 80’s. Think about reds and yellows for fall, with triangles to represent the falling leaves outside. Plus, one aspect of Memphis Design is a move away from straight lines and toward more fluid eye-movement. Think round tables and carpets, curved picture frames, and less rigid-looking chairs.

An Emphasis on Feminine Colors

Maybe it’s the year of the woman, or maybe it’s just time for a relaxing shift from the jarring colors of 2018. Whatever the reason, people are flocking toward softer, more traditionally feminine colors like dusty pink, tans, and light gold or bronze. For fall, try adding splashes of softer yellows and peach to bring the traditional reds and oranges to mind.

Mixing and Matching

Another trend is toward eclectic styles within the same room. This is especially true of social living spaces like dens, living rooms, and patios. Seen as a direct reproach or backlash against the generally single focus of mid-century modern styles, this trend encourages bold choices, creative versatility, and self-expression. Let your inner child out and design that room the way you’ve always wanted!

Black in the Bathroom

Halloween is coming, though it’s still a ways out. However, you can start preparing your home for a spooky gathering while remaining within the bounds of the current style zeitgeist. All-black bathrooms are in, with an emphasis on setting a dark and somewhat mysterious tone. Paint those walls, bring in a set of black hand towels, and be in vogue while requiring less effort for your upcoming Halloween party.

These are only some of the trends for Fall this year. In the end, it’s all about crafting a living space that accentuates your tastes, broadcasts your family’s personality to the world, and provides you with comfort everyday when you come home. If you have any interior design tips, leave them in the comments below! If you have any questions about Weaver’s Pond, contact our office here.

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