What to Consider When Getting New Flooring for Your Home

An often overlooked factor in a home is the flooring. We discuss color schemes, furnishing, light fixtures, outdoor decor, and more, but the material we walk on is sometimes an afterthought. That’s ironic, considering that it arguably gets the most wear and tear! Here are a few thoughts for you to consider when contemplating flooring for a new home or a replacement to your existing floor.


Your floor will get constant foot traffic throughout your home, but knowing the general usage of each room can help you decide on the right kind of flooring. You want to select the most durable options for rooms that you will frequent regularly, like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Alternatively, you may want to focus less on durability and more on presentation for the more social rooms like a den or dining room. Planning your floors based on room usage can help extend its life. Plus, the flooring industry typically averages only a year warranty, so you want to make sure that you set yourself up for the long term.


A hugely important aspect of selecting your flooring style is the nature of the people using your floor. For a family with small children prone to spills, or with pets still being trained, carpeting can be a mistake. You can get food, drinks, waste, hairs, and more stuck in the fibers of your carpet even after you clean, leading to problematic stains and odors. Instead, consider hardwood floors, tiles, or even new waterproof technologies available at some flooring companies.


Though many flooring companies offer installation services, the process can take longer for certain materials. For busy families on the go with no nearby relatives, it may be difficult to have installers in the home for days on end. When you decide to replace your flooring, talk to the company about the average length of time it takes to install the different materials. Make sure to plan accordingly so that the installation of your new floor does not interfere with your day-to-day life.

There are a host of other factors that go into proper flooring selection, from maintenance requirements to the materials over which certain floors must be laid. Check in with your flooring company for assistance.

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