Tips for Designing a New Home

If you are new to the Zebulon area and are looking into joining the Weaver’s Pond community, or if you simply want to redesign and improve your existing home, you’re probably on the lookout for important design tips. We gathered a few from around the Internet to give you some reminders as you begin this wonderful homeowning journey.

Always Consider Function First

You may have the perfect idea for a beauteous floor plan, but everyday life often trumps mere aesthetics. Putting a kitchen too far from your front door may mean that you have to carry hefty grocery store bags an obnoxiously long distance, for instance. Alternatively, having multiple bathrooms might be a great idea if you plan to use your home for group gatherings on a regular basis. Consider how your everyday life will play out in your new home as you decide which rooms to build in which areas.

Plan Storage Appropriately

Nobody wants oversized, clunky storage bins littered throughout their house, but storage is an important aspect of designing the perfect home. If your wardrobe is legendary, for instance, consider putting in extra closets. Attics are often good for seasonal and long-term storage, but items that receive regular use, like bicycles, will need storage implements in the garage or other easy-to-access areas. Maybe that looks like stylish, space-saving storage bins to you, or maybe you have a lot of items that can be stored on hooks. Nobody knows the amount or type of storage your family needs better than you.

Windows are Important

Our last tip is to remember the importance of windows. Not only do they afford your family beautiful views, but they let in light that can really change the dynamic of a room. When planning your house, opt for large windows that let the light spill in or for smaller ones that save on space, depending on your tastes. Whichever direction you go, make sure to choose a paint palette that is enhanced by the amount of light let in by your windows rather than obscured and outshone by that light.


Those are our home design tips for this summer. If you have other pointers for new neighbors, you are welcome to leave them in the comments below! For any other concerns, contact our office here.

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