Nearby Events for a Unique July 4th Celebration

Most of us are used to the usual Independence Day fun: drinking, good party food, hanging out with friends and family, and watching the inevitable fireworks. But have you ever wanted to do something a bit more… special? A bit more interesting? If so, we’ve gathered a few nearby events that may make this year’s July Fourth truly a day to remember.

Haunted and Twisted History Tours

Pay-what-you-want; Raleigh; July 5th and 6th

This year, July Fourth falls on a Thursday. If the weekdays are difficult for you to schedule fun events, there are still interesting events going on throughout the weekend. Take, for example, Raleigh’s Haunted and Twisted History Tours. Starting at the Governor’s Mansion at the corner of Blount and Jones Streets, these tours travel around Raleigh and reveal the history of local ghosts, hauntings, and paranormal activity. The events are not recommended for children, as some of the stories can be quite harrowing. Perfect for history buffs with a bit of a dark side, the tours are pay-what-you-want, with the rough average being between $15 and $20 per person.

Karaoke at Proof Five Points

FREE; Raleigh; July 4th

While everyone else is looking at the usual fireworks displays, you can be singing your heart out at local karaoke. Though Proof Five Points has a karaoke every Thursday, the July Fourth lineup is something special. The event will feature all music from 1999 through the 2000’s. Thrown by DSTNY Lifestyle, this karaoke party is free to attend, with RSVP required before 11 PM. If singing is your passion, check it out!

One Team Scavenger Hunt Adventure: Raleigh

Starts at $25; Raleigh; any date in July

Want to have a unique celebration but still catch the fireworks later in the evening? Try doing a self-led, prepared scavenger hunt and puzzle adventure through Raleigh during the day. These special events are organized by Puzzling Adventures and will send you to different locales around the city to solve puzzles, answer questions, and get your next clue. It is recommended that you start the tour by parking on Edenton Street. There are no age requirements and the cost is per group rather than per person, so you can bring the whole family along in your up-to-six-person group. All you need is a cell phone with internet access!


If you have any other interesting, off-the-beaten-path events for July Fourth, let us know in the comments! For any other information, contact our office here.

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