Making Easter Memorable for Your Kids

It’s time for the Easter Bunny to visit us all, but sometimes ideas for making a memorable Easter can be difficult to come by for parents. We’ve looked into ways to make this year’s celebration unique and unforgettable. Check out these ideas below.

Make Your Own Easter Garden

Planting trees, herbs, flowers, or other plants is a great way to create a memory that will grow with your children. Visit local garden shops with your kids and have them select the plants that they like most. Each year, you can add a bit to your garden area, leaving an annual mark reflecting the growth of your family.

Can’t Go Wrong With Chocolate

Everyone knows that the chocolate Easter bunnies are the best. Even if tradition dictates that we have to eat Peeps, we all know that nothing tops chocolate. This year, make the chocolate more engaging by creating a kids’ chocolate fondue. They can dip fruits or pretzel sticks in the flowing goodness to create delicious snacks of their own making!

Easter… Chicken Piñatas?

Egg hunts are exciting and fun, but there is another way that you can celebrate Easter, keeping the egg theme. One of the growing trends is to have a party with a chicken piñata filled with goodies. You could always combine the two ideas, letting the kids find eggs hidden throughout the yard before finishing the day by battering the poor chicken for its treats. It’s surely a tradition they will remember for the rest of the year.

Visit a Local Farm

Spring is a time of renewal. Celebrate the return of seasonal fruits and veggies by visiting a local farm, like Stone Ridge Farm Market, where you can take a tour and show the family what it’s like to live on a farm. No doubt children will love the animals and even adults will find the information about raising livestock and harvesting grain highly interesting.

This year, create an Easter experience that will live long in your kids’ memories. Have other ideas? Let us know in the comments! As always, contact our office for information about the community.

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