How to Save Money in Your New Home

Whether you’ve just joined our community of homeowners at Weaver’s Pond or have been a homeowner for a while, one concern that all of us share is saving money. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do every day that can add up to lots of dollars in your bank account. We’ve compiled a list of three tips that help to save you money.

Don’t Throw Out Those Jars!

One of the pains of owning a home is dealing with organization. You want to keep your house neat for friends and family, and you also want to be able to find that specific tool, cooking utensil, or scented candle you need for that one specific job. Unfortunately, buying organizers, Tupperware containers, and other storage devices can quickly add up. Instead, keep your old Mason jars. Clean them out and you’ll have cheap containers for all sorts of doodads. Plus, that rustic look is totally “in” right now.

Save Change by Changing the Temperature

Air conditioning units can be sieves for expenses. After all, who needs the AC running all day when the kids are at school and you are at work? One way to solve this is to invest in “smart” thermostats from Nest. These learning thermostats can pair with your Alexa for voice-control options, but the important thing is that they learn your daily routine. Once they know when you leave home and when you come back, they can adjust the temperature in your home efficiently to save energy and money. If an investment in a learning thermostat is too pricey at the moment, a simpler option is to remind yourself and your family to turn the air down every day when you leave for work and school. Keep a reminder by the door so you don’t forget.

Switch Up Your Lighting

The lights in your house can be your wallet’s enemies. Not only do many non-efficient varieties waste energy, but much of the energy they produce is then turned into heat that your air conditioning system has to combat. It’s like paying double the price of your lightbulbs every day! Try switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs to reduce your costs. For an even better option, check out LED lightbulbs. Unlike the incandescent bulbs, they do not waste their energy on vasts amount of heat and can lower the burden (and energy bill) of your AC.

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