2018: The Year of the Sunroom

Yes, one of the big home design trends this year has been the return of the sunroom. Rather than focusing inward, homemakers have been emphasizing sunrooms as a way to open up the house and experience a sense of meditation and calmness through communion with the sun. We’ve listed a few of the trendy ways that sunrooms have begun to come back. Let us know if you have a sunroom, and how you like to decorate it!

Glass Walls

Having lots of glass is, of course, a staple of the sunroom. The whole purpose of a sunroom is to let in light and brighten up the home. However, modern sunrooms are starting to have more full-wall glass, complete with sliding glass doors rather than simple banks of windows.

Gateways to Larger Spaces

One trend in 2018 is to use sunrooms as an entry point to a larger outdoor living space. For example, some homeowners have a sunroom that they use as an outdoor kitchen area. Others have a sunroom that enters into an outdoor entertainment spot or a deck for an outdoor pool. In either case, the sunroom acts as a transitionary room between indoors and outdoors.

Varied Flooring

Modern sunrooms have broken with the once sacrosanct tradition of having concrete slab floors. Instead, sunrooms in 2018 use the much warmer combination of wood, brick, and stone to achieve a rustic but bright feel.

Intricate Ceilings

Just as the flooring choices of modern sunrooms have changed from the more drab styles of the past, choices for ceilings have become equally complex. Vaulted ceilings, large beams, and intricate styles can be seen in sunrooms in 2018, further providing that sense of openness and vulnerability that makes sunrooms so captivating.

Looking to add your own sunroom onto your house? Contact part of our builder team for information about building one to your specifications. If you’re new to the area and are looking to move into Weaver’s Pond, check out the homes we have for sale! And if you already have a sunroom in your home, let us know your thoughts on modern sunroom design trends in the comments down below.

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