Spotlight on Zebulon Schools

There’s a lot to like about Zebulon, NC. Situated right in the middle of our beautiful state, the town’s down-home atmosphere is coupled with its proximity to the bustling Triangle area. But aside from music, culture, and ease of travel, one great facet of our community is its schools. If you’re new to the area, you may not know about the awesome educational opportunities we have as part of a Top Five school district in the state.

Traditional Public Schools

One of the options we have available in Weaver’s Pond are traditional public schools. When you move here, your children will be zoned for Wakelon Elementary and East Wake High School. Our support and commitment to public schools is shown by the fact that the Wake County Public School System was recently ranked #5 in North Carolina.

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are a special form of public education that offer different sets of programs than other schools. For example, some may offer an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and some may offer performing arts classes. Some magnet schools offer courses on world languages. The term comes from the tendency of magnet schools to draw students from around the community due to their unique learning environments. The magnet schools near Weaver’s Pond include Zebulon Elementary and Zebulon Middle.

Charter Schools

At Weaver’s Pond, the nearest charter school is East Wake Academy. Available for K-12 students, its high schoolers’ performance has ranked it in the top third of all the high schools in Wake County. A charter school is a special form of school designed to increase parent choice. Still accountable for academic results due to receiving government aid, charter schools are free from some of the regulations that restrict other public schools. This may make them a good choice for children with non-traditional learning styles.

No matter which kind of educational institution is appropriate for you and your family, Weaver’s Pond is close to a myriad of options. For more information regarding our local community, check out our Community page. If you need some more specific statistics about our schools, check out this blog post.

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