Zebulon Local Government Basics

When you move to and live in Weaver’s Pond, you become part of the community for the town of Zebulon as well. That means you should know how the local government works for you. Here are some Zebulon Local Government Basics to remember (all meetings are open to the public).

  • Operating under the council-manager form of government, Zebulon has an elected board consisting of Mayor Robert S. “Bob” Matheny and Commissioners R. Dale Beck, Don Bumgarner, Beverly Wall Clark, Curtis P. Strickland and Glenn York, joined by Town Manager Joe Moore. Each serves four-year staggered terms except Moore, who was appointed by the board. Per guidelines of the town of Zebulon, the nonpartisan board establishes policy and law, while Moore handles the day-to-day operations as well as provides advice and recommendations to the board for consideration. The board meets the first Monday of every month.
  • Zebulon has five appointed boards—the Appeal Hearing Board, Board of Adjustment, Parks and Recreation, Planning Board/Tree Board and Technical Review Committee. Citizens of Zebulon and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) including residents of Weaver’s Pond can become members of all but the Technical Review Committee if desired by filling out an application for review by the town board for approval.
  • The Wake County Board of Education has nine members each elected by separate county districts to govern operations of the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). Board members have pledged a goal that under their leadership, by 2020, WCPSS will annually graduate at least 95 percent of its students ready for productive citizenship as well as higher education or a career. For Weaver’s Pond residents, our schools governed by the board in the district are Wakelon Elementary School, Zebulon Magnet Elementary School, Zebulon Magnet Middle School and East Wake High School.
  • Setting county property tax rates and zoning outside municipal districts are among the responsibilities of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, meeting every first and third Monday of each month. The seven-member board is elected by districts, and Weaver’s Pond is in District 1, represented by Vice Chair Sig Hutchinson.

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