Intangibles to Consider When Buying a New Home

The things you don’t see when considering whether to purchase a new home can matter a lot. They are more than just crawl space and hidden interiors. The intangibles that can really affect your judgment are ones that probably do not come to mind immediately. Here are 4 you should emphasize when buying a new home.

  1. Flexibility

It should be relatively easy for you to manage expanding or contracting the spaces inside your new property without wasting too much of your time and money. This is essential because as your family grows, your living needs will change. For example, when you have a baby or young child, building small, enclosed areas in rooms may be a virtual necessity to keep them from damaging themselves and your furniture. As they grow older, however, those same barriers can be a nuisance that cause injuries.

Also, you may want to add furniture too big to fit the house at present. Can you adjust your lot to add a hot tub, pool table or other large amenity without unreasonably sacrificing your quality of life?

  1. Right-Sized

Consider how your new home will meet your present needs. Bigger is not always better. A property larger than you ever will need can be a challenge to clean and add upkeep costs. Likewise, one that is too small will force you to sell some items or put them in storage, and it may be difficult to navigate and maintain in its own way. Goldilocks had the right idea—find what home requires you to make the least adjustments so you can move in and enjoy it swiftly.

  1. Smart Fit

Finding a place with a perfect view is great, but what if the house does not flow together with the area surrounding it? Does the exterior view overwhelm the house or vice versa? Look at the overall property from all angles, and make sure the house seems anchored along with the environment surrounding it rather than simply plopped to fill a space.

  1. Ready to Stay and Go

Some people look at their new home purchase as the final place they will live through their retirement. Others consider it as a temporary residence until they get a better opportunity. Why not view it as both? The home should have a timeless finish that gives you the ability to improve its livability and resale value easily at the same time.

Fortunately, there is a community that kept these intangibles in mind when the houses were built—Weaver’s Pond in Zebulon, North Carolina. Contact us to tour a home today!

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