5 Transportation Needs to Consider When Buying a Home

You’ve heard the expression that when it comes to real estate, the three most important things are “Location, location, location.” An element helping define a prime spot for a home are its strong transportation options. Look at these 5 areas to see if your potential residence fulfills your needs for each.

  1. Local Road Traffic

Start with driving in the community itself. Is there adequate, appropriate signage indicating what it is as you enter as well as when you drive roads within it? How easy is it getting in and out of the community, especially during rush hour? Your arrival and departure from the community should be one as free of stress as possible to start and end your day on a positive note. For example, commuting from Zebulon is an easy choice with no traffic lights.

  1. Highway Access

Next, consider getting around the areas surrounding the community. How fast can you get where you live without being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Is there easy access to major highways like Interstate 95 going north-south and Interstate 40 going east-west for you to make day trips easily?

  1. Walking/Jogging/Biking

These activities are as much about recreation as transportation. They can be challenging to do if there is not adequate infrastructure in place. How many areas in the community allow for you to connect conveniently with surrounding natural beauty as a pedestrian or biker? Are there sidewalks and/or trails, specifically greenways, to walk and bike safely to and from your home?

  1. Airports

With airports recommending passengers check in at least an hour in advance, you are at a disadvantage if it takes just as long or more to get to one. Additionally, it does little good for you if it has only a limited number of flights or serves only a few destinations. Look for a home near an airport that is easy to reach with plenty of airlines serving it to keep prices down and make it easier to schedule reservations based on your schedule.

  1. Buses and Trains

If you have to go a long distance but flying is too costly or scary for you, and you don’t want to drive, you need to use these forms of transportation. Are there safe and secure bus and/or locomotive stations within an hour’s drive for you to reach? Do they serve the major cities you need to reach within a day or two?

Weaver’s Pond in Zebulon, North Carolina surpasses all these transportation requirements. Contact us to tour a home today!

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