New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home Each Season in 2018

The start of another new year traditionally has been the time people create lists of what they want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Why not do the same for the improvements and renovations your home could use in 2018? Here are some relatively easy preventive steps you can pledge to carry out each season starting this January:

  1. Winter

Check windows, doors, bathtubs and showers for any cracks that need caulking or additional insulation to stay warm, including inspecting and sealing ductwork. List what you need to do regularly every month or quarter, like cleaning your washing machine and replacing your air filters. Take time to make sure you are properly stocked with adequate food and water in reserve and have updated your emergency kit in case ice, snowstorms and other bad weather knock out your power. When doing your taxes, look over deductions you can make for home improvements that you may want to implement so you can write them off in 2019.

  1. Spring

As you “spring forward” for Daylight Savings Time, check the batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Consider installing the latter if you do not have one, as well as a fire extinguisher, which you should test to make sure it is not expired. See which of your appliances and furniture needs fixing or reupholstering or should be sold or recycled instead. Your “spring cleaning” efforts should include making sure to pressure wash your exteriors from sidings to driveways to remove excess dirt, stains and mold and keep the surfaces looking new and fresh.

  1. Summer

Create a budget for what big new appliances and repairs you want to get done for the rest of the year and allocate funding and timing to achieve your goals. Repaint any room of the house to modernize or change its color while being productive and staying cool indoors. Clean up all bathrooms thoroughly and determine if any appliances need repairing or replacements, including low-flow showerheads. Consider changes in landscaping and adding a garden, if you have the time and interest in keeping the greenery in good shape amid the heat and humidity.

  1. Fall

Set aside time to decorate your place for Halloween, Thanksgiving and other events where you will be entertaining many people coming over, including rearranging furniture and adding plants for a seasonal touch. Check to see if you need to replace your roof for the winter. Clean your gutters of falling leaves and needles. Look for improvements you want to make in 2019 and note them to serve as possible requests for holiday gifts.

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