9 Things You Should Do To Market Your Home

If you’re searching for a new home, you may be trying to sell your current residence at the same time. Juggling the two isn’t easy. However, there are several things you need to keep in mind on the selling front. After all, if you receive more than one offer, you can accept the best or even negotiate a higher price.

Your real estate agent should assist you with most of these, but not all will offer this type of help. Further, it’s also good to know what your agent should be doing to attract potential buyers for your home. Check out this checklist of ways to market your house:

  1. Check the listing. Your real estate agent will list your home in the Triangle MLS database. Look up your house online and don’t be afraid to ask about the way things are written or shown.
  2. Photographs are critical. According to Trulia.com, listings with more than six images are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers as listings with fewer. Most people shop for houses online, first, which means your photos must grab some attention. To get stunning images, pick the right time of day where there are no strange shadows. Clear out your yard and driveway; crop out the sidewalks and the streets. Try taking photos of different angles. For inside photos, turn on all of your lights and open your curtains. Set up your rooms neatly and then take a picture of every room.
  3. Photograph the amenities and yard. Your neighborhood may have a pool, a clubhouse or a playground. If you have a yard, show it off. In other words, take photos of all the wonderful reasons someone might consider your house.
  4. Include agent info on your “for sale” sign. The sign in the yard is one of the best ways to spread the word. Make sure yours is easy to read and includes your real estate agent’s information so buyers can quickly figure it out as they drive by.
  5. Host an open house. Or more than one. When you do, advertise everywhere you can. Place signs all over your neighborhood. Publicize the event online (and on Facebook) and reach out through your networks. Create a print ad to hand out, and invite your neighbors!
  6. Create a virtual tour. These are convenient for buyers who may not have time to visit in person or are moving from another city! Take the buyer and lead them from room to room through video or 360 tour. Post the video on YouTube and Facebook.
  7. Send direct mail. You can send a nice postcard of your home to neighbors and friends (in case they want family to move near them). You can also send a card to other real estate agents, who may represent buyers searching in your neighborhood.
  8. Advertise. Post ads in the local newspaper (print and online), in real estate publications, and on websites that include online listings. Consider paying for the “featured” listing on some websites, especially if you’re eager to sell.
  9. Host broker tours. Allow brokers and agents to admire your house the first week it is on the market. They can bring buyers to your home and then give stronger descriptions to potential buyers. This open house is much larger than a regular open house.

While marketing your home requires some time and money, the investment will pay off when you receive multiple offers. If you’re shopping for a new house, contact us to learn more about Weaver’s Pond’s custom homes.



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