4 Advantages of Buying in a Planned Community

Buying a home is a huge decision. You’ll want to choose the perfect layout, excellent amenities, and the right city or town. But what about the perfect neighborhood? There are many advantages to buying in a planned community that you may not have thought of yet. Here are a few that can really make a difference to life in your new home.


  • Homes and yards are well-maintained. On the surface, this may seem like a superficial reason (although who doesn’t love a gorgeously landscaped space?), but there’s more than meets the eye. Besides an aesthetically pleasing area to live in, the standards held by many HOAs can help to keep or even increase your home’s value.



  • Amenities uniquely designed for a planned community. Amenities such as pools, community centers, and fitness centers are usually planned to be within walking distance of your home. The home you buy is not just a home, but enriches other parts of your’s and your family’s lives as well. Weaver’s Pond even has a Youth Athletic Field for practice or full games!



  • Security. Planned communities tend to have more security than other neighborhoods. Even in communities that are not gated, the layout helps neighbors keep an eye out. In a planned community, when you go out of town for the weekend, you know that’ll you’ll have someone looking out for you.



  • Planned communities have just that: community. Neighborhood Halloween parties, Easter egg hunts, and cookouts are all a benefit of planned communities. Your kids can play together, and the neighbors can rely on each other. The sense of community found in this type of plan is definitely a plus for your and you family.


Whether you’re looking for fun amenities, a sense of community, or just a great value, planned communities can be a great option for home buying. Check out our current homes for sale to see what Weaver’s Pond can offer you.

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