About the Schools and School District for Weaver’s Pond Families

School districts are one of the main points homebuyers consider when looking for a new house. And for good reason: parents or people planning to become parents want to make sure their children go to a school that provides a strong education.

According to a 2015 study, 34% of Millennials said living in a great school district was more important than the actual location of the home. Later, when you sell your home, it’s important to consider that people will pay more for homes in a highly rated school district.

The Wake County School District

Zebulon is located in the Wake County Public School System, which ranked 5th out of 100 counties on the list of 2016 Best School Districts in North Carolina.

Although student assignments have been a hot topic for the county in recent years, Zebulon has just a few schools, making things a little easier here. Parents seeking a smaller environment often come to Zebulon for that reason.

Our schools are Wakelon Elementary School, Zebulon Elementary, Zebulon Middle School, and East Wake High School. Zebulon Elementary and Zebulon Middle School are magnet schools. Those interested in charter options can check out East Wake Academy.

We’re proud to be neighbors with Wakelon Elementary school. Our families certainly find it convenient when getting out the door in the morning!

School District Stats

Some interesting facts and information about WCPSS and Zebulon schools:

  • There are 201 public schools in Wake County!
  • Wake County is the largest school district in the state.
  • The North Carolina average student-teacher ratio is 16:1. Wake County’s student-teacher ratio is the same. That’s similar to the U.S. average in 2012.
  • Wake County spends about $9,073 in per-pupil spending.
  • Wake County ranks 7th in the North Carolina College Readiness Ranking and 7th for Best Extracurriculars.
  • The Wake County Schools Twitter profile has made national headlines for its amusing responses to students. The Twitter feed is also very useful for parents on snow days.

If you want to confirm exactly which schools your child would attend, you can find out by typing in your address at the WCPSS base school locator page. The page also gives information about other school options for your address. You can also check schools using the U.S. Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon Schools Program page.

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