5 Tips for Choosing the Right Features for Your Custom-Built Home

Building your own home sounds like a great idea — until you are overwhelmed with choices. Custom homes offer endless possibilities from the floorplan to the finishings. While you may be certain about one aspect of a custom-built home, deciding on some others may pose a challenge. You finally figure it all out, make your choices, and move in — and then realize you should have gone with option B instead.

Here are five tips to help you navigate the multiple choices and end up with no regrets:

  1. Decide your needs — now and later. We all have grand plans for our lives. Sometimes those plans change. The house you thought you’d live in for “just a few years” turns out to be a house you stay in for many. Be sure to build a house that fits not just your current lifestyle but the one you will have in 10 years. If kids are in the future, make sure you have an extra bedroom or two. If this is your retirement home or if you have an elderly relative who might someday stay with you, a first floor bedroom is a good idea. You can use it as an office or guest room in the meantime.
  2. Remember that everything can be changed. Almost. If you aren’t sure about the added cost of adding square footage now, you might consider choosing a less expensive set of cabinets, doors, and light fixtures. You will probably replace those in time and can upgrade later. But adding a room onto your house later is going to cost much more than if you include it the floor plan now.
  3. Make a love-hate list. You may know that your dream house has a two-car garage. There. One decision done. But what else do you love about homes you’ve seen? What do you hate? Those extremes can help you narrow down your choices for many things. More importantly, when you wander around your current home, what bugs you? Do you constantly wish you had a bigger laundry area? Dying for a linen closet or a full bath where you have only a half?
  4. Be sure to subtract as you go. While your home is under construction, you will have new ideas. Feel free to make those changes, but if they are upgrades and will cost more, consider cutting something else to stay within the budget. It’s easy to add “just a little” more. After all, our homes are emotional. But you’ll move in with fewer regrets and a lower mortgage if you can keep it balanced. And remember No. 2.
  5. Consider the future buyer. A custom built house is YOURS. That’s one of the most amazing things about it. But it’s likely you will sell this house someday. Be sure your home has features homebuyers want.

If you’re excited to build a custom home, talk to us about your options here at Weaver’s Pond.

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