How to Find the Most Bang for Your Buck in the Triangle

Homebuyers are often looking for a specific set of variables: large yard, house with the right number of bathrooms, close to a school, and more.

One thing homebuyers might not list, but that’s on their minds: the “bang for the buck.” In other words: how much land and house can you get for the lowest price?

If that’s your goal, Zebulon should definitely be on the list of Wake County towns you consider. Many of the communities surrounding Raleigh are cited on lists of best places for homeownership in North Carolina and Zebulon is no exception. The towns and cities near Raleigh offer large homes, spacious lots, low crime rates, and good schools at far lower cost than you pay inside the Beltline.

If you’re looking for the “most bang for the buck,” you can of course take the price of the house and divide by the square footage for one measure. Weaver’s Pond offers many houses that can give you thousands of square feet in the house and yard. But here are some other items you need to calculate to find an inexpensive place to live in Wake County:

  1. Are homes available? News stories point to a busy housing market this past spring in Raleigh and the surrounding area, but homes are available, which means prices are going to be a little more flexible. Areas with a low homeownership rate usually signal higher prices.
  2. Can you afford to live there? The median home value in Zebulon is $140,800, according to Zillow. Sperling’s Best Places lists it at $126,000. For many working couples in Wake County, that puts home ownership within reach. Both sites predict home value to increase in the next 12 months. Zebulon also has a cost of living index of 91, compared to 96 for North Carolina and the national level of 100.
  3. Is the area growing? Yes. Overall Wake County is growing and Zebulon’s population has increased 15%. Growth is a good sign both for home value and in terms of places you want to live.

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