Home Value in Zebulon

One thing many homebuyers consider when house shopping is the value of the home. The value of your new house is important, but what does that mean?

Value means the value now — how much home and property are you getting for your money?
Value also means future value: will the home appreciate and be saleable at a higher price later?

It’s easy to find home value in Zebulon, where quality homes are available for affordable prices.

In Weaver’s Pond, for example, homes start in the low $200s with square footages ranging from 1,900 to 3,200. Homes here are valuable to many because of the neighborhood’s proximity to schools; Wakelon Elementary is right across the street. The value in future price is already evident: residents who bought their homes in Weaver’s Pond a few years ago have seen the value increase.

Home Value is More than Math
But value is more than math. Value might also mean the home’s value to you: does the house fit your needs? Zebulon homes are often larger with yard space, room for outdoor hobbies, family dinners, and children’s playsets.

“In some areas of Wake County it’s common for first-time homebuyers to buy a ‘starter home,’ something that’s smaller and fits within their budget,” said Mike Resar, a real estate agent. “But when they are ready for a bigger house, they end up moving. Zebulon is a great place to find a home and property that fit your needs now and into the future — and is still something working couples can afford.”

Zebulon, as a community, offers value, too, with a lower crime rate than many other Wake County towns and cities and a place where you can get to know your neighbors and store owners.

One definition of value is worth in usefulness or importance to the user. So as you shop around for the “best value,” be sure to consider all forms of value, from monetary to the value of your life and lifestyle in the home you choose.

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