Commuting From Zebulon is an Easy Choice

Many factors go into the decision to buy a home, from its square footage and yard size to the school district. But one of the biggest factors: location.

Location is often a personal choice: some prefer to live downtown or in a suburb, while some yearn for acres in the country. The ideal location is one of the first things people give up when buying a home, according to an article by

No matter which location you choose (or settle on), the commute to work is certainly an important consideration. After all, you’ll be making that drive five days a week. (Unless you work from home!)

Luckily, Weaver’s Pond makes the commute easy. You can be in Raleigh in 28 minutes, which is just over the national average commute for the U.S., according to Census Bureau data.

Also according to the Census Bureau, that drive time is about on point with the rest of Wake County. The average commute for drivers in the Raleigh-Cary area is 25.18 minutes.

In the U.S., 27 percent of workers commute outside their county of residence for work. But by living in Zebulon, employees of Raleigh businesses can count themselves outside of that group.

No Traffic Lights
All these numbers sound good, but they don’t tell you one important part of the Zebulon commute: no traffic lights. Whether you’re heading east or west, Highways 64 and 264 offer a quick way to zip without the irritating stop-and-go.

Drivers from Rolesville and Wake Forest are forced to sit through multiple lights. Google maps lists their route to Raleigh as 31 minutes each, depending on traffic. While a couple of minutes doesn’t sound like much of a difference, those minutes can add up when traffic and stoplights delay you on the way to work — especially if you are already running late.

Other Commuting Factors
Of course, a lot depends on which part of Raleigh you want to reach. And for some, a longer commute is worth it if you get a big house, big yard, and big garage, which lists as the other things people sacrifice from their wish lists. But one final note: at Weaver’s Pond, you get all of those as well!

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