How to Pick the Right Zebulon Neighborhood

Once you have decided Zebulon, North Carolina is the right place for you and your family, it’s time to start house hunting. And of course it’s easy to get wrapped up in the house itself. But have you stopped to think about the best Zebulon neighborhood?

As one real estate agent puts it, “You’ll never love a house if you don’t like your neighborhood.”neighborhood

What’s right for one family is not right for another. So before moving to Zebulon, here are some things to consider about the neighborhoods you see:neighborhood

  • Schools – As any parent knows, it’s important to consider the school district. Zebulon is part of the Wake County school system and has just a few middle and elementary schools. You can learn more and find your school using the WCPSS website.
  • The Commute – Commuting is part of life for most people in the Triangle NC region. Luckily, Zebulon is a short drive from Raleigh and Highways 64 and 264 offer easy access to most parts of the eastern Triangle. Map out your daily drive from the neighborhood you’re considering.
  • New or Classic? Some people love old homes and the character they offer. But they also tend to come with needed repairs and spaces not shaped for today’s living. New developments have their downsides, too. Be sure to consider both when looking for your home.
  • Noise Level – Most Zebulon neighborhoods are quiet, but as real estate agents will tell you, it’s best to visit a potential home at different times of day to get a feel for the area. Be sure to stop and listen during your visits.
  • Yard Size – Are you looking for a big lawn so you can install play equipment and play ball with your children? Or do you prefer a smaller yard?
  • Neighborhood Features – Pools and a clubhouse are common features in newer neighborhoods. Walking trails, play fields, and playgrounds are others. What type of features are you looking for and what do you prefer not to have?
  • Association – Some people love to be part of the neighborhood group or homeowner’s association. Some don’t. Check in advance to see if your potential home is part of one and if there are any fees or rules you should know about.
  • The Neighbors – Bad neighbors can ruin a good home. Chat with a few people near the home you are considering to make sure you’ll be a good fit.
  • Price – Of course, price is an important factor. With a median home price of $132,000, Zebulon is a great fit for first-time homebuyers.

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